Air Conditioning

Evaporative Cooler Evaporative Cooler
Air conditioning is a big part of our business and this ranges from mobile units for vehicles to air conditioning for houseboats, houses, restaurants, homes, halls/conference rooms and even mines. We install your common split type units, Ceiling Cassette, under Ceiling units, Ducted and Hideaway units.
We can supply and install 12 volt, 24 volt units for houseboats or earth moving equipment. These units are self powered and can run when the vehicle engine is off. This special feature allows you to enjoy a noise free, cool environment.
Furthermore, we have the new type split units that use non ozone depleting refrigerants(R410A). These units are the inverter type that use up to 40% less power than the standard  unit. These units allow the compressor to slow down and speed up according to power temperature thereby reducing power consumption by the avoiding the constant starting and stopping of compressors.

Evaporative Coolers

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This is the most cost effective way of cooling your house, factory, office block, night club or any other area.
The evaporative system simply uses water as a refrigerant that is pumped over a filter medium. The warm outside air is drawn through the wet filter medium.  As the air passes over the filter medium the air is cooled by evaporation. This results in cool filtered healthy air blown into the heated area.
With regards to running costs compared to refrigerated systems the evaporative cooler uses 90% less power. Less maintenance is required.
The cooler is perfect for people who suffer from asthma and allergies as it creates a dust free area. Pollen and other air borne particles are trapped in the filters avoiding any contact with the user.


Advantages compared to ordinary air conditioning units:

  1. Evaporative coolers are 100% Ozone friendly.
  2. 90 % less power used than air-conditioning.
  3. Dust free area and pollen free.
  4. No static electricity caused in the air due to the moisture content.
  5. You can have portable units that can be used in any different room at any one time or we can install a central unit that has multiple outlets.
  6. You can run the unit off a small generator or inverter. BETTER STILL WE HAVE SOLAR UNITS AS WELL where no power is required to run units through the night; e.g cooling bedrooms and Houseboats.
  7. Unlike air conditioners that deliver artificial ionised air that is dehumidified, the cooler delivers humidified negatively ionised air that is far kinder to your nasal passage, throat and eyes.
  8. Water level is controlled by a ball valve (automatic water control) or other means such as a storage tank. All portable units have self contained water tanks which have a provision for auto or manual filling.
  9. All portable units are user friendly and use your existing 13amp power socket due to low power consumption.

Below are images of Cold Control at work: